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Survival Exports India Pvt Ltd is a leading exporter based in India, specializing in international trade of Leather Products, Agricultural Products, and Handicrafts. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, we offer a diverse range of exquisite leather goods, including handbags, wallets, and accessories. Our agricultural products, sourced from sustainable farming practices, encompass fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and grains. Additionally, our handicrafts showcase traditional artistry and cultural diversity, featuring intricately carved sculptures and vibrant textiles. Committed to customer satisfaction, we deliver exceptional products that meet global standards. Partner with us to access the best of Indian craftsmanship and agricultural excellence for your international export needs


Nishant Mishra

Mitesh Shekhar

We Mitesh Shekhar and Nishant Mishra are the driving force behind Survival Exports India Private Limited. With the passion for promoting Indian craftsmanship and agricultural excellence, we have built a reputable brand known for exceptional leather products, agricultural produce, and handicrafts. Mitesh’s expertise in international trade and business development, combined with Nishant’s creative flair and respect for traditional arts, has led to the company’s success. Our shared vision of sustainability, fair trade, and preserving cultural heritage has shaped the company’s growth. Under the leadership, Survival Exports continues to deliver high-quality products and forge strong relationships with global customers


We actively seek partnerships with artisans, farmers, and customers to foster innovation, shared knowledge, and mutual growth, creating a collaborative ecosystem that benefits all involved parties.


We embrace diversity, respect all individuals, and create an inclusive environment that welcomes people from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives to contribute and thrive.


We prioritize sustainable practices, fair trade principles, and social responsibility in all our operations, promoting positive impact on the environment, communities, and our stakeholders.


We value and honor the skills, traditions, and cultures of artisans, farmers, and customers, fostering mutual respect and appreciation in all our endeavors.

Our vision is to be a trusted global exporter, known for delivering high-quality products that showcase India's rich cultural heritage and agricultural bounty.
Our mission is to promote sustainable practices, support local artisans and farmers, and provide exceptional products that meet the diverse needs of our international clientele.
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Survival Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a strongly positioned export firm holding a well-established global network built with a decade of experience in the industry. We use the strength of this network to become and make you a prominent part of the global market
Ramona Altenwerth

Best Exports company in Noida

We build trust of our customers to providing relevant and quality of products